About the Book

This timeless book is a jewel for the spiritual aspirant. The purpose of this epic is to spread esoteric knowledge to the public—a knowledge which is difficult to get. The philosophical inquiry in this treatise deals with the real nature of human being and of the world.

In seeking for the immortal, the sages  conferred immortality on the literature which conveyed it and the culture which embodied it. They discovered the immortal dimension of a human being and hence their discovery is important to all humanity for all times.The real nature of man/woman and universe is Pure Being, Pure Consciousness, and Pure Bliss (Satchidananda), asserts the scriptures. This book does not merely state this truth. This books does not want you to know this as just an information-piece. It exhorts us to realize this truth for ourselves. What does realization of the Truth mean? What kind of immortality would a person achieve? The book clearly points out that the immortality of Atman/Brahman is free of time and space. The finite self of human being can not be made immortal in time, as a thing under the influence of time is always  mortal.

What we consider as ourselves is a reflection of our real nature on ever-changing body-mind complex. This ever-changing projection can never give us satisfaction; it is to be abandoned and the real Self is to be abided in. Since we are accustomed to this illusory personality that functions through ‘me’ and ‘mine’, we need to dispel our customary, material, mundane and mortal perceived existence to realize Brahman.

We encourage you to read the exact and unmodified words of an englightened being.

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The is a 245 page colored hard bound book printed on the highest quality non-toxic commericial print paper.

All proceeds from the book are used to support multiple projects  
Specifically, the proceeds will go to support 200 orphaned children in Vrindawan, India.

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